Focus has shifted slightly in the last few months. Whilst the prototype unit proved to be a valuable test for what the platform will become, it also had a couple of issues:

  • It was very power hungry. There was no sense in trying to power a full operating system (let alone a Raspberry Pi) when a simpler design would achieve the same end.
  • Size. The Zero is impressively small, but when combined with external sensors, it became quite bulky.

Therefore, the long term plan will be to open source the design for the "MK1" unit, as there is still a lot of value to be discovered in a design running a full OS (plus the ease of build and use). The back-end infrastructure will continue to be developed and supportedallowing anyone to build their own unit based off the original design to help build the concept. GitHub users will be able to commit to the source and Azure/CI will take care of the rest.

Our main focus will be to complete the development of the "MK2" design, more to come about this soon!