Time for a long awaited update for the project, and change is coming.

Web services

A new web service has been brewing in the background over the last quarter. Here's some of the key features:

  • Groups - Data and devices are now associated with Groups. This allows for controlled access to sensitive locations or data which will be shared in a controlled way.
  • Accounting - To support the above, simple user accounts will now be required to access the data. There is no charge for joining, and everyone joins the public group as standard.
  • REST API - One of the biggest features in the future release will be a user accessible API. This allows for anyone to query the Picycle database using whatever flavour of client or language they like.
  • More - Of course there is more coming in the backend, details will be available soon.


Although not featured in this blog, the hardware has already undergone a minor revision to reduce size and cost. But there will be a huge overhaul for the upcoming release:

  • Benefits - One of the biggest bits of feedback to date has been the lack of immediate benefits for the cyclist. This will be addressed in the new release with additional functions and connectivity.
  • Proximity - Due to the impressive progress and availability of LiDAR the new hardware will ditch ultrasonic proximity and move to laser! Benefits include more options for waterproofing, improved outdoor performance and tiny form factor.
  • GPS - The old module used for GPS locating has been discontinued, a replacement has been selected which is superior and also offers support for GLONASS and Galileo.
  • Power - Power consumption has been improved by removing the requirement for a 5V supply.